Gates' agricultural belts for combine harvesters

The Gates Corporation has played a key role in the creation and development of high-quality belts. Gates has a leading position as a supplier to agricultural industry and a long history of creating new products and materials to meet customers driven goals. This is due to Gates' advances belt technology, product development policy and innovative design procedures.

Gates' agricultural belts are available as branded V-belts with concave sidewalls and Flex Weave brand and as bandless, cogged V-belts with special cog design.

All Gates' belts have one or more of the following additional characteristics:

Unique aramid compound resists elongation;

Multilayer building process, with oriented fibres in undercord, resulting in a better cord support;

Special chemical treatment of the tensile members, to assure improved bonding.

If you are an agricultural belt user or supplier, contact ESK to find the right replacement belt from Gates' wide range and reduce the risk of breakdowns during the season.

Gate' belts are smoother running, offer the highest power capacity and a long trouble-free service life, which makes them the better choice to stock and to use.